How to Lace a Corset for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Want to learn how to lace a corset?

They look so sexy for a boudoir photo shoot!

Corsets come in many styles and are very popular and stylish. You will certainly turn heads when you wear one, and they make great costumes for the boudoir photo shoot. Today’s young women often do not have a real waist because they have never worn clothing that trains the waist and tummy in.  Wearing a corset over time will eventually create an hourglass figure.

How to Lace a Corset by Yourself

This video shows you how to put on, take off, and how to lace up a corset by yourself.

How to Lace and Care for Busk Closure (Hourglass) Corsets

Here are the techniques for lacing and caring for a corset, compliments of the high-end designer Waisted Couture Corsetry.

1. Pay attention to the way your corset is tied when you receive it, this is the way you will tie it when you put your corset on. The corset is laced using “rabbit ears”. The lacing is one continuous piece with long loops in the center that are what you will use to tie in the center back.

2. Loosen the ties in the back about five to eight inches to fit the corset around you easily. It will be next to impossible to get in or out of your corset if you do not loosen the ties considerably.

3. Begin to hook up the front (make sure it is right side up, check the label inside!), this is fairly simple provided you have followed step two. If you have not then this part is difficult to almost impossible and you could risk breaking the busk. It is easiest to start at the center of the busk and hook there first, then work down and up from there.

4. Start to tighten the lacing. You are working with your hands behind you so this takes a bit of practice. *The method of lacing you will use is called “rabbit ears” which meets at the middle of the waist with a long loop at each side. This method creates two places to tighten and loosen your corset, from the bottom up and from the top down. Start by pulling the lacing from the bottom up until it is snug then do the same from the top down, all while holding onto the rabbit ears with one hand to keep the tension taut.

5. As the corset gets snug adjust your breasts, you do not want them getting flattened and they will have been hanging naturally while you have followed these steps. Use your hands and lift them together and into place before the corset is tightened. (If you are tightening a waist cincher then you do not have to adjust your breasts.) Now you can finish tightening the corset to a comfortable feel. Pull the lacing from the center with your dominant hand and adjust the top and bottom using your other hand. Then simply tie both rabbit ear loops into a bow. After the lacing is tied the back should lay flush with your skin and the gap should be fairly even from top to bottom, the strain on the lacing needs to be dispersed throughout the length of the back. Your corset is not made to close completely at the lacing, there should be a gap in the back.

6. When first wearing a corset it is best to start a little loose, you can tighten your corset more within about three half hour increments. The more you wear your corset, the more it will adapt to your body and the more comfortable you will be in your corset, lacing it a little more snug as it molds to your shape. If your goal is waist reduction it should take three or four wearings to get down to your reduction goal (which should be comfortably snug, never painful and/or cause tingling or numbness). Too much strain from overlacing right away can cause damage to the corset closure, fabric and stitching. It may also be uncomfortable to lace this way right away and wearing your corset should never cause discomfort.

7. You should always loosen the lacing before taking it off and putting it on. Trying to unhook a busk without first loosening the lacing, may result in a broken busk or ruined corset.

8. When putting your corset away, roll it up with the inside out (the way you receive it). This keeps the fabric from getting dirty, stained or faded when not being worn, it also protects the integrity of the corset. You may also loosen it slightly and hang it over a plastic hanger.

Read more on their site for other styles.

If you are now excited about wearing a corset for the first time, and having a professional boudoir photo shoot in it, let me hear from you. There a many places online to shop. Isn’t being a woman fun??

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