Interview: Celebrity Hair and Make Up Stylist Lynn Rodgers

Barbara Singer Interview With Celebrity Hair and Make Up Stylist
Lynn Rodgers In Hollywood, California

Celebrity Hair and Make Up Stylist Lynn Rodgers Question: What inspired you to do make up and hair, Lynn?

Answer: It’s actually a funny story.  When I was a kid, I would wake up and my Mother had rollers in her hair. No eyebrows or lips to speak of. Then, she would emerge from her powder room looking like a movie star!  Strangers would stop her on the street for a photograph… so I started watching her a taking my cousins and girlfriends hostage and do their makeup. When I came to Hollywood I studied cosmetology at Toni and Guy and Vidal Sassoon schools.  My professional career began when I opened a salon that was next door to Bordeaux Modeling agency. Nicole Bordeaux was a definite influence in my life. She represented all the superstars and brought me on her team. She now owns Photogenics Modeling Agency in Smashbox Studio.

Q: What do you actually do as a professional MUAH (make up and hair) stylist?

A: My duties are to be the first one on set, prepare my station and always have a smile on my face!  I believe the mood of the shoot starts in Hair and Makeup. On fashion shoots, I usually set the hair and then start out with eyes, always putting a bit of loose powder underneath to catch any shadow that falls. I always do foundation last, sparingly.

Q: What are the perks of being a celebrity Makeup Artist?

A: There are so many. FREE MAKEUP!  When you go on tour, going through customs is a cinch.  It takes 2 minutes.  NO LINES!! The hotels are great, the food, and the  accommodations are always above average.  It’s always great being someone’s personal makeup/hair stylist.  It’s allowed me to go everywhere from the White House to Buckingham Palace, all of the award shows, movies, music videos and parties.  More important for me are the great friendships that I’ve developed over the years.

Q: Who have been some of the young stars you have worked with?

A: Barbra Streisand, Mark Wahlberg, Vince Vaughn, Mario Lopez, Reba Macintyre, Christina Applegate… that’s the short list.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring models who want to get in the business?

A:  I would say, the most important thing to remember is that it is a business and, you have to treat it that way.  It’s great to be beautiful and have gorgeous photos… but then what?  Find a credible agency, and don’t sit and wait for the phone to ring. Call them to “check in” at least once a week.  Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Also, don’t get caught up in a photo agency that charges you tons of money to help you develop a portfolio and promises to help find an agency for you.  It’s true, you do have to pay for the photographer and hair and makeup, but sometimes you can do a trade… meaning that if the photographer thinks you would be great for an idea they have, they might shoot you for free to get the photograph that they want in their port.

Q: Good advice. I always tell the girls who have been told they should never pay for photographs that if they are as good as the very best in the business that may be true.  Some you want to pay for so you can shoot during a dry spell. But, always keep shooting and make friends… network.  Any last words?

A: There is a website called  It’s where photographers, makeup artists and models exchange pictures and can set up shoots. The photographer and MUAH will set their terms and after you are established you can set yours.  Always take a chaperone with you for safety and support unless the photographer has been recommended highly by a reputable source or friend.

Barbara: That’s great advice Lynn. It’s a scary world.  Some of the models I work with only shoot with women. Though, you can generally tell by the quality of the photographers portfolio on Model Mayhem if they are truly professional or just guys with cameras seeking girls with  nothing.

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to let me interview you today. Next time I would like to talk just about makeup. It’s so hard to know what to buy.

Lynn: Oh I would love that.

Barbara: This has been Barbara Singer with top celebrity hair and makeup stylist, Lynn Rodgers in Hollywood, California.  Thanks for checking in with us.

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